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25 to Life

25 to Life's MinistryAn initiative to support and encourage long-term ministry in northern New England, 25 to Life seeks to foster the spiritual growth required to embrace and overcome the specific cultural challenges of pastorates in this cold and stony land.

The group uses the measurement of at least 25 years until time of retirement in the same church for the “length” of long-term ministry. This is why the term “25 to Life” is used.
It is also how a life sentence is sometimes described in our penal system and since Jesus desires that we give our lives to him (Mark 8:34-38) and we desire to be “prisoners” for Christ (2 Tim 1:6-9) it seems an appropriate identifier for our endeavor.
Rev. Abraham and Mrs. Amanda Gross

Rev. Abraham and Mrs. Amanda Gross

Headed by Rev. Abraham and Mrs. Amanda Gross, the couple states, “We want to connect pastors and their spouses who have made or are in the process of considering long-term commitments in northern New England. We want to be effective in reaching our Northern New England communities for Jesus; knowing it takes longer than the 7-10 year average length of far too many pastorates.

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25 to Life Event
“We want to learn from excellent examples of effective ministry in our regional culture so that we understand the benefits and requirements of such a ministry. Wouldn’t it be amazing if God raised up a generation of church-leaders in our region who were committed, as a whole, to the difficult work of sticking with their churches through an entire lifetime of spiritual challenge and growth!”