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The 2017 ABC/VNH Annual Gathering will be on May 5th-6th at Fireside Inn in West Lebanon, NH.

Friday’s Schedule                                               Saturday’s Schedule

10:00     Ministers Council Ann. Meeting             8:30     Youth Project & Childcare

1:00     Afternoon Program                                      8:30     Worship; Recognition of New

2:45     Business Meeting                                                       Pastors & Ordination Anniv.;

4:15     Meetings: AB Women; AB Men;                              Commissioning of IFL Grads

.           25toLife; Institute for Learning                   9:30     Speaker: Dr. Roberto Miranda

5:30     Dinner                                                              10:45     Workshops

7:00     Evening Worship and Communion           12:15     Lunch

.            Speaker: Dr. Roberto Miranda                    1:15     Worship; Rev. Dale Edwards

.                                                                                       3:00     Ice Cream Social




Dr. Roberto Miranda – Ministries in Boston

Rev. Carolyn Clarke – Institute for Learning: Spiritual Formation class – All are welcome

Pastor Aaron Goodro – Heroin epidemic in New Hampshire and Vermont

Dr. Moa Imchen and Dr. Akum Longchar – Missions in Nagaland